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Art Gallery - Aaron Horrell "A Fascination with Nature"Wednesday, 10/01 to Friday, 10/31Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center
Art Gallery - "Mingo Swamp Flora and Fauna"Wednesday, 10/01 to Friday, 10/31Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center
What's for Dinner?Wednesday, 10/01 to Friday, 10/31Burr Oak Woods Nature Center
Dig In!
Reserve by 10/21
Tuesday, 10/21Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center
Firearms Cleaning and Care
Reserve by 10/21
Tuesday, 10/21Parma Woods Range
Conservation Kids Club: Wild Edibles
Reserve by 10/17
Tuesday, 10/21Runge Nature Center
Discover Nature KC Series: Kansas City Conservation AreasTuesday, 10/21Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center
Homeschool Special: Tools of the Trade
Reserve by 10/22
Wednesday, 10/22Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center
Down and Dirty
Reserve by 10/22
Wednesday, 10/22Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center
Babes in the Woods
Reserve by 10/22
Wednesday, 10/22Runge Nature Center
Creature Feature: Cave CreaturesWednesday, 10/22Northeast Regional Office
Discover Nature-Fishing Lesson 3 and 4- Five Common Missouri Fish-Their Anatomy, Habitat, and Life Cycle, Fishing Lures, Fishing RegulationsWednesday, 10/22Missouri Department of Conservation-West Plains
How to Mount a Rifle Scope
Reserve by 10/22
Wednesday, 10/22Jay Henges Shooting Range
Survival Tactics for the Outdoorsman
Reserve by 10/20
Wednesday, 10/22August A. Busch Shooting Range and Outdoor Education Center
Feeding FrenzyThursday, 10/23Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center
Discover Nature-Fishing- Fishing ComponentThursday, 10/23Missouri Department of Conservation-West Plains
How to Bore Sight and Zero a Scoped Rifle
Reserve by 10/23
Thursday, 10/23Jay Henges Shooting Range
Story Tree on the TrailThursday, 10/23Runge Nature Center
Design with Nature In Mind: Leaf Notecards
Reserve by 10/23
Thursday, 10/23Runge Nature Center
Wild Ones: Soup and Fable
Reserve by 10/23
Thursday, 10/23Burr Oak Woods Nature Center