Project WILD

A program of the Council for Environmental Education, Project WILD is a wildlife-focused conservation education program for K-12 educators and their students.

Emphasizing wildlife’s intrinsic value, Project WILD addresses the need for human beings to develop as responsible citizens of our planet. Through balanced curriculum materials and professional training workshops, Project WILD promotes awareness, knowledge, skills and commitment.

Attend one six-hour Project WILD workshop to receive these benefits

  • Curriculum guides containing more than 100 activities
  • Correlations to the Show-Me Standards
  • Access to a network of educators linked by a common interest
  • Ways to take advantage of children's natural interest in WILD life
  • Activities easily adaptable to many settings, with appeal to children of all ages, backgrounds and learning styles
  • Hands-on, fun and interdisciplinary activities

Students will exercise and develop a variety of skills

  • Predict the effect of habitat loss on migrating waterfowl in Migration Headache
  • Chart the growth rate of a WILD life population in Turkey Trouble
  • Discover creative writing skills in Animal Poetry
  • Calculate water use in Water's Going On?!
  • Map rainfall and vegetative cover in Rainfall and the Forest

Project WILD Aquatic

  • Forty more activities emphasizing aquatic WILDlife and ecosystems
  • Contains aquatic extensions referenced in WILD guide
  • Aquatic guide is included in a six-hour workshop
  • Based on the same themes and concepts as the WILD guide
  • Offers opportunities for thematic units, research projects and field studies

Join a WILD workshop

Contact your local conservation education consultant for more information.

Key Messages: 

We help people discover nature.

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