Trees Work

trees work

For further information or questions on the Trees Work campaign,
please contact Ann Koenig, Trees Work coordinator, at

Hot Off The Press

What’s going to be the next “Without Trees...” slogan?

Finish the phrase “Without Trees...” and your slogan could be the next Trees Work poster! Psst! There are prizes! Find out how to enter and more information on the challenge

How Trees And Forests Benefit You

Did you know that being around trees lowers your blood pressure and pulse? Guess what else. Kids perform better on tests and have reduced symptoms on ADHD after being in nature. And, trees along streets raise Missouri home value by $7000 on average. Trees work. Find out how trees work for your family, your health, your wallet and more here. More

Tree And Forest Resources For You

Interested in trees and forests? You’ve come to the right place. Find out how to select, plant, identify and care for trees, how to improve and protect your woods, how to find a professional forester, even where to go to get in the woods. This is your one-stop shop for Missouri tree and forest information. More

Promotional Materials and Events

Want to check out our hand crafted letterpress posters, hear about upcoming events, or watch a Trees Work video? This is the go-to section for all Trees Work campaign materials and related events. More
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