Explore Missouri's original landscapes

Missouri's natural areas represent some of the best — and last — examples of our state's original landscape. Here are places where you can still see the rare plants, animals, and geological features that pre-settlement native Americans knew well or that explorers such as Lewis and Clark observed and recorded. Explore remnant prairies, old-growth forests and woodlands, rare wetlands, caves, and many other kinds of native habitat.

Plan a visit

Use the information in this section to plan a visit to a natural area. Whether your interest is nature study, birding, hiking, fishing, hunting, or photography, you'll find a designated Missouri natural area to enjoy your favorite low-impact outdoor recreational activity.

Map of Natural Areas in Missouri

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Title County Designation Datesort icon
Big Oak Tree Mississippi 10/21/1977
Blue Pond Bollinger 10/24/1977
McCormack Loess Mounds Holt 02/17/1978
Pin Oak Slough Johnson 03/30/1978
Hidden Valley Clay 04/17/1978
Roaring River Cove Hardwoods Barry 06/05/1978
Johnson's Shut-Ins Reynolds 06/05/1978
Elephant Rocks Iron 06/05/1978
Schnabel Woods Boone 07/24/1978
Des Moines River Ravines Clark 09/25/1978
Babler Southwoods Hollow St. Louis 09/25/1978
Maple Woods Clay 09/26/1978
Paintbrush Prairie Pettis 09/26/1978
Bona Glade Dade 02/16/1979
Locust Creek Linn 06/03/1979
Montauk Upland Forest Dent 06/04/1979
Ball Mill Resurgence Perry 08/20/1979
Big Sugar Creek Lincoln 09/18/1979
Pickle Creek Ste. Genevieve 09/18/1979
Coonville Creek St. Francois 09/18/1979
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