Mud Creek

Pileated Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker

Points of Interest:

  • Come see over 17 species of oaks.
  • Travel from the Ozarks to the Mississippi Lowlands within a mile hike.
  • Look and listen for a variety of bottomland forest wildlife.

Natural Features Description:

Here cherty Ozark woodlands with post oak, scarlet oak, white oak, black oak and mockernut hickory slope down to rich bottomland forests with a wide mixture of tree species. In the bottoms trees exceed 100 feet tall and diameters of 20-30 inches (measured at 4.5 feet above the ground) for canopy dominants are common. This is a good place to learn woody species of both the southeast Ozarks and the Bootheel. The bottomland forests vary from mesic conditions on terraces upstream to wet-mesic and wet bottomland forests on flats and depressions along the lower reaches of Mud Creek.

Southern tree species found here include southern red oak, overcup oak, swamp chestnut oak, sweetgum, tulip poplar, and bald cypress. Southern animal species found here include the green treefrog, mole salamander and the western cottonmouth. Bird species of note include the prothonotary warbler, Louisiana waterthrush, pileated woodpecker, barred owl and belted kingfisher. Beavers are often active along Mud Creek creating backwater areas.

Access Information: 

This natural area is within the Mark Twain National Forest. From Poplar Bluff, head east on Highway 60 and turn left (north) on to Highway T. Head north on Highway T for about 5 miles and turn right (east) on to Butler County Road 572 (gravel). Take 572 east for 1.6 miles to a “Y” intersection. Here head left on Mark Twain National Forest Road 3690. You may need a four-wheel drive vehicle to navigate 3690. Head for 1.3 miles east on 3690 to the south edge of the natural area. Park your vehicle along a pull-out. A map and compass are recommended to explore this area. Hunting and fishing are permitted.

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U.S. Forest Service
Mark Twain National Forest – Poplar Bluff District
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