Buffalo Hills

Buffalo Hills Natural Area
Buffalo Hills Natural Area

Points of Interest:

  • Take a hike through scenic hills covered with mature oaks.
  • Enjoy the spring blooms of dogwood, redbud and serviceberry in the spring.
  • Look for wild blueberries in the summer.

Natural Features Description:

This area features some of the more intact forest and woodland natural communities in the southwest corner of the state. On the north slopes and along ravines occur forests of mature white, black and red oak. Flowering dogwood is abundant in the understory and the unusual pink-bracted form is found here. Look for Christmas fern and wild geranium here. On the ridges and south and west slopes are woodlands of post, black and blackjack oak with large patches of low bush blueberry in the understory. Part of this natural area was part of a farm owned by the Sreaves family from 1909 until 1984 when the Conservation Department purchased the area from the family.

Access Information: 

From Goodman, travel west 9 miles on Highway B to the parking lot for the area on the right (north) side of the road. A hiking trail leads up into the area. Hunting is permitted.

General Information
Designation Date: 
Missouri Department of Conservation – Southwest Regional Office
Contact Phone: 

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