Venison Recipes

Take care in cooking cuts of venison. Always trim off all fat and as many of the tendons as possible before cooking. Most cuts can be prepared similar to beef. Tender cuts, such as the loin, rib and sirloin, can be broiled or roasted. Shoulder and hind cuts, such as round steak and arm and blade chops, are best cooked by stewing, braising or pot-roasting. Use tougher cuts in stews and ground venison. Try to keep meat moist and do not overcook.

This minisite includes 20 popular venison recipes. Many traditional recipes for preparing venison are found in Cy Littlebee's Guide to Cooking Fish and Game, available from the MDC Nature Shop.


Preserving Venison

Venison makes excellent sausages and jerky. It may also be canned.

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Venison Appetizers

Liven up your next gathering with these little delights!

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Venison Goes Far East

Try these venison-based Chinese, Japanese, and Thai recipes - a new look at old favorites!

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Venison, Italian Style

Venison goes Italian with these "wild" versions of old favorites.

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Venison Main Dishes

Try these versions of old family favorites with venison instead of beef.

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Venison on the Grill

Learn how to grill venison with these recipes.

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Venison Soups, Stews, and Chilis

Warm up a cold day with one of these rich, savory soups, stews, or chilis.

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Venison, South of the Border

The next time you crave Mexican with its rich, fire-kissed flavors, try these venison-based recipes for a new taste of your old favorites!

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Venison Dog Biscuits

Don't forget Rover!

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Butchering and Freezing Venison

Safeguard the quality of your venison with careful butchering and freezing.

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