Crayfish Recipes

Because crayfish, like all fish, are highly perishable, it's good to follow three rules when preparing them:

  • use only live, freshly caught crayfish from clean water
  • kill instantly by dropping into boiling water
  • and keep them chilled until used.

The amount of crayfish needed for a serving varies according to the size and variety captured.

  • As a general rule only, 12 medium-sized crayfish (6 to 7 inches long) are sufficient for one serving;
  • one pound of crayfish, live weight, is equal to one cup of meat, using tails and claws
  • one cup of crawfish meat will usually serve from two to six, depending on the recipe and amount of other ingredients.

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Crawdad Pilaf

Try this hearty approach to crayfish as a side dish or a main dish!

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Crayfish Etouffee I

Crayfish, rice and onions make up this simple version of an old Cajun favorite.

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Crayfish Etouffee II

Hot sauce and crayfish tails, cayenne pepper and onions - be sure you have lots of ice water handy when you serve this Cajun dish!

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Crayfish Salad

Move over tuna, Missouri crayfish salad is the new taste sensation.

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