Variable Groundsnake (Variable Ground Snake)

Sonora semiannulata semiannulata
Colubridae (nonvenomous snakes) in the order Squamata (lizards and snakes)

A small, secretive, shiny snake that is highly variable in color. It can be gray, brown, orange or even red with or without dark bands, and it has a plain white or cream colored belly with dark transverse bars on the tail.

It is 8 to 12 inches (20-31 cm) long.
Habitat and conservation: 
Groundsnakes are usually found along rocky glades, and open, rocky woodlands on south and southwest facing slopes where they remain hidden under flat rocks and are seldom seen.
Groundsnakes eat mainly scorpions, centipedes and spiders, including the black widow.
Distribution in Missouri: 
Southwestern corner of the state
Uncommon. Our population of groundsnakes depends on the availability of rocky glades.
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