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Decurrent False Aster

Photo of several decurrent false asters in bloom
Boltonia decurrens
A big river floodplain species, decurrent false aster has declined as wetlands have been drained and converted to agricultural crop production. More

Deptford Pink

Photo of Deptford pink, closeup of flower
Dianthus armeria
Deptford pink has straight, strong, narrow stems that bear small clusters of pink flowers with white dots. Common statewide in sunny, open locations such as pastures and roadsides. More


Photo of dewberry flowers
Rubus flagellaris
Dewberry is a lot like common blackberry, except that instead of being a small shrub, its canes form trailing woody vines. Both plants are prickly, and both produce delicious deep purple berries! More


Photo of dittany flowers
Cunila origanoides
Sometimes called "wild oregano," dittany (like true oregano) is a member of the mint family and can be used as a culinary herb and in teas. Look for it on dry, wooded slopes in Ozark counties. More

Downy Skullcap

Photo of downy skullcap flower clusters
Scutellaria incana
Showy clusters of blue-violet, two-lipped flowers adorn downy skullcap. This native mint is found mostly in the southern half of the state. More

Duckweeds (Watermeal)

Photo of various duckweeds and watermeal on water surface
Lemna spp.; Spirodella spp.; Wolffia spp.
Duckweeds are the smallest of the flowering plants. They consist of tiny, green, round, leaflike bodies that float on the water’s surface. They are an important food for waterfowl. More

Dutchman’s Breeches

Photo of Dutchman's breeches plant with flowers
Dicentra cucullaria
Dutchman’s breeches, a common spring wildflower, is easy to identify. Note its bluish-green, fernlike leaves, and its leafless stalks, from which dangle several white flowers shaped like old-fashioned knee breeches. More

Dwarf Larkspur

Photo of dwarf larkspur flowers with leaf
Delphinium tricorne
Dwarf larkspur is a single-stemmed perennial with an upright flower stalk bearing racemes of bluish-purple flowers. Like other larkspurs, there is a spurlike appendage behind each flower. More

Dwarf Spiderwort (Wild Crocus)

Photo of dwarf spiderwort flower clusters
Tradescantia longipes
Dwarf spiderwort is a low-growing perennial with bright magenta, purple, or purplish-blue flowers with three petals arranged in a triangular pattern. It blooms in Ozark woodlands in April and May. More

Early Buttercup (Prairie Buttercup)

Photo of early buttercup plant with flower
Ranunculus fascicularis
There are nearly 20 species in the genus Ranunculus in Missouri. Identify early buttercup by its early blooming time, its distinctively shaped, usually hairy leaves, and its preference for open woods, glades, or prairies. More