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Western Slimy Salamander

Photo of a western slimy salamander
Plethodon albagula
You might not want to touch this salamander—it secretes a thick, very sticky substance that adheres to skin like glue. It causes dust, dirt or bits of dead leaves to stick to one’s hands and is difficult to remove. More

Western Smooth Earthsnake (Western Smooth Earth Snake)

Image of a western smooth earthsnake
Virginia valeriae elegans
The western earthsnake is a small, slightly stout snake with a conical head. It is plain-colored, generally gray, light brown, or reddish brown, with no distinct markings. It is found statewide, except for the northwestern corner. More

Western Wormsnake (Western Worm Snake)

Carphophis vermis
The western wormsnake is a small, two-toned snake that lives in wooded areas or rocky hillsides. It is usually purplish brown above and salmon pink on the belly and lower sides. It is found statewide, except for the Mississippi Lowlands. More

Wood Frog

Image of a wood frog
Lithobates sylvaticus (formerly Rana sylvatica)
The wood frog is tan, pinkish-tan, or brown, with a dark brown mask through the eye and ear. It is perfectly camouflaged among dead oak and maple leaves. A rare frog, it lives in cool, wooded hillsides in portions of eastern Missouri and some southwestern counties. More

Woodhouse’s Toad

Photo of a Woodhouse's toad (juvenile)
Anaxyrus woodhousii woodhousii
Woodhouse’s toad has a number of irregular dark brown or black spots on the back and a white belly. It occurs in central, west-central, western, and northwestern parts of Missouri. More

Yellow Mud Turtle

Kinosternon flavescens flavescens
The yellow mud turtle is a small, olive to dark-colored, semiaquatic turtle restricted to west-central, northeastern, and southwestern Missouri and is an endangered species in our state. More

Yellow-Bellied Watersnake (Yellow-Bellied Water Snake)

Image of a yellow-bellied watersnake
Nerodia erythrogaster flavigaster
The yellow-bellied watersnake is a medium-sized, heavy-bodied, dark-colored, semiaquatic snake with a plain yellow belly. It is found throughout southeastern Missouri and north along the Mississippi River floodplain. More