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Image of a Mississippi green watersnake

Mississippi Green Watersnake (Mississippi Green Water Snake)

Nerodia cyclopion
The Mississippi green watersnake is a medium-sized, heavy-bodied, dark-colored semiaquatic snake that was once somewhat common in southeastern Missouri. The back is dark greenish brown, and the belly is dark gray with numerous yellow half-circles.

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Mississippi Mud Turtle

Kinosternon subrubrum hippocrepis
Although well equipped for an aquatic existence, the Mississippi mud turtle spends as much time wandering about on land as it does in water. Look for it in the Mississippi Lowlands of Missouri’s Bootheel.

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Image of a northern crawfish frog

Northern Crawfish Frog

Lithobates areolatus circulosus
A chorus of crawfish frogs, amid the open, grassy flowerbeds of our native prairies, can evoke a profound sense of what our American forebears experienced as they migrated west in their wagons.

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Northern Cricket Frog

Northern Cricket Frog

Acris crepitans
The northern cricket frog is a nonclimbing member of the treefrog family. It lacks the adhesive toe pads associated with treefrogs. The subspecies formerly called Blanchard’s cricket frog is no longer recognized.

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Northern Diamond-Backed Watersnake (Diamond-Backed Water Snake)

Nerodia rhombifer rhombifer
The northern diamond-backed watersnake is our largest watersnake. It has diamond-shaped light markings along the back. Absent from the Ozarks but common in the southeastern corner and over northern and western Missouri, it doesn’t occur in our extreme northern counties.

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Image of a northern leopard frog

Northern Leopard Frog

Lithobates pipiens
The northern leopard frog is a medium-sized frog with dark spots on the back. Two skin folds run down each side of the back. In Missouri, it only occurs in our northwestern counties.

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Image of a northern map turtle

Northern Map Turtle (Common Map Turtle)

Graptemys geographica
The northern map turtle is a small- to medium-sized aquatic species with a low ridge along the center of the upper shell. A small yellow spot is present behind each eye. It occurs mainly in the Ozarks and the upper Mississippi River in northeastern Missouri.

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Image of a northern prairie skink

Northern Prairie Skink

Plestiodon septentrionalis septentrionalis
There are two subspecies of prairie skinks in Missouri, and they look quite similar. In general, they both have longer tails than all other Missouri skinks. In Missouri, these lizards are rare.

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Photo of a northern red-bellied snake viewed from above.

Northern Red-Bellied Snake

Storeria occipitomaculata occipitomaculata
The northern red-bellied snake is of our smallest snakes. It is generally gray brown or reddish brown on top, bright red or orange below. This harmless species is sometimes mistaken for a young copperhead and needlessly killed.

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northern rough greensnake

Northern Rough Greensnake (Northern Rough Green Snake)

Opheodrys aestivus aestivus
This long, slender snake is common in the Ozarks. It is light green above with a white or yellowish belly, and the scales on the back have small ridges or keels that feel rough to the touch. Its beautiful green color helps this mild-mannered insectivore blend in with the trees that are its home.

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