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Photo of splash cup mushrooms, tiny cup fungi that look like bird nests

Splash Cup (Bird’s Nest Fungus)

Crucibulum laeve
Splash cups have small brown cups holding tiny “eggs” that are each attached to the “nest” by a cord. They grow in clusters on dead wood, debris, wood chips, and mulch.

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Photo of stalked scarlet cup cluster of red cup mushrooms with white stalks

Stalked Scarlet Cup

Sarcoscypha occidentalis
The stalked scarlet cup is, indeed, a tiny red cup on a tiny white stalk. It grows scattered on fallen wet sticks and branches in damp deciduous woods.

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Chicken of the Woods

Sulfur-Colored Chicken of the Woods (Sulfur Shelf; Chicken Mushroom)

Laetiporus sulphureus
Sulfur-colored chicken of the woods is an edible fungus with layered, fan-shaped, fleshy caps that are orange on top and sulfur yellow below. It grows in overlapping clusters on stumps, trunks, and logs of dead or dying deciduous trees, and on living trees and buried roots.

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Photo of a Thiers amanita mushroom growing on a lawn.

Thiers Amanita

Amanita thiersii
Thiers amanita has a white, gilled cap, and the stem is large, white, sticky, and shaggy. It grows in lawns, pastures, and prairies, often in fairy rings.

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Photo of a thin-maze flat polypore, a bracket fungus, showing concentric rings

Thin-Maze Flat Polypore

Daedaleopsis confragosa (Daedalea confragosa)
The thin-maze flat polypore is a grayish brown bracket fungus with a zoned top and a furrowed, mazelike underside. It grows singly or in small, layered clusters on dead wood or in wounds of living trees.

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Photo of big cluster of turkey tails, bracket fungus with concentric color rings

Turkey Tail

Trametes versicolor
Turkey tail grows in clusters of leathery, thin brackets with multicolored zones above and whitish yellow pores below. Look for it on stumps and logs of deciduous trees.

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Two-Colored Bolete

Boletus bicolor
The two-colored bolete has a rose red cap that is sometimes yellowish toward the margin. The underside has tiny yellow pores, and the stalk is reddish yellow; all parts slowly bruise blue. Grows singly or in groups of up to several, on the ground under oaks.

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Photo of velvet foot mushrooms, mature, showing black stems.

Velvet Foot

Flammulina velutipes
The velvet foot, or enoki, has a tawny, sticky cap with whitish gills. The stalk is yellowish above and brownish below. They grow in clusters on deciduous logs.

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Photo of several violet toothed polypores, violet-gray bracket fungi

Violet Toothed Polypore

Trichaptum biforme
The violet toothed polypore is a bracket fungus with tough, hairy caps with violet margins and zones of white, brown, and black; beneath, the whitish violet pores break into teeth. It grows on stumps and logs of deciduous wood.

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Photo of violet-gray bolete, purplish capped mushroom with pores beneath cap

Violet-Gray Bolete

Tylopilus plumbeoviolaceus
The violet-gray bolete has a large, violet-gray cap with cream-pink pores, and a violet stalk that is sometimes webbed. It grows scattered on the ground in mixed woods.

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