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Pale Jelly Roll

Exidia alba (Ductifera pululahuana)
Pale jelly roll is a small, white, gelatinous fungus with an irregular shape. It looks like a brain, or like jelly — or both! It grows in clusters on dead wood of deciduous trees. More

Pallid Bolete

Photo of two pallid boletes, tan mushrooms, one upturned to show pores under cap
Boletus pallidus
The pallid bolete has a pale cream to buff cap and stalk and pale cream-yellow pores. It grows singly or in groups of up to several, on the ground in oak woods. More


Photo of two mature parasol mushrooms with broad, scaly tan caps, and stalk ring
Macrolepiota procera (Lepiota procera)
The parasol is very tall, with a cap that is buff to brown, broad, scaly, with a knob in center; there is a moveable ring on stalk. It grows scattered on the ground, along trails, in open woods, and in old pastures. More

Pear-Shaped Puffball

Photo of pear-shaped puffball mushrooms growing on a piece of wood
Lycoperdon pyriforme (Morganella pyriformis)
This is a pear-shaped, yellowish brownish puffball with a pore at the top. Pear-shaped puffballs typically grow in large clusters on decaying wood, logs, and stumps. More

Peppery Milky

Photo of 2 peppery milkies, white, gilled mushrooms, on ground
Lactarius piperatus
The peppery milky has a white cap with densely crowded gills. It bleeds white and has a spicy-hot taste. It grows scattered in deciduous woods. More

Pigskin Puffball (Common Earthball)

Photo of pigskin puffball cut in half, showing dark flesh inside
Scleroderma citrinum (Scleroderma aurantium)
The pigskin puffball is a rounded, warted, yellowish brown ball with blackish purple flesh. It grows on the ground, on wood debris, and near trees in woods. More

Pinesap (False Beech Drops)

Photo of pinesap flowers
Monotropa hypopitys
This mushroomlike plant puts the "wild" in wildflower! It lacks chlorophyll, so its roots connect to fungi underground and absorb nutrients from the fungi. More

Purple-Gilled Laccaria

Photo of several purple-gilled laccarias, tan-lavender mushrooms
Laccaria ochropurpurea
The purple-gilled laccaria has a large, tannish lavender cap with thick, purplish gills and a stout stalk. It grows scattered or in groups in grassy areas and under hardwoods and conifers. More

Ravenel's Stinkhorn

Photo of an aging Ravenel's stinkhorn, a column-shaped fungus with dark spores
Phallus ravenelii
Ravenel's stinkhorn is a long, whitish column with a greenish, smelly slime covering the top, and a whitish or pinkish cup around the base. It grows on wood debris, mulch, rotted stumps, and sawdust, and in deciduous woods. More

Reddening Lepiota

Photo of reddening lepiota, tan, gilled mushroom growing in mulch
Leucoagaricus americanus (Lepiota americana)
The reddening lepiota is a large, reddish brown mushroom with a scaly cap and a ring on the stalk; it bruises dark red. It grows singly or in clusters in mulch piles, waste areas, and around stumps. More