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Meadow Mushroom

Photo of two meadow mushrooms, at different angles, white with pinkish tan gills
Agaricus campestris
The meadow mushroom has a smooth white to light grayish cap and pinkish brown gills. It's found in lawns and other grassy areas. More

Mica Cap (Common Inky)

Photo of mica cap cluster, bell-shaped, brown, capped mushrooms
Coprinellus micaceus (formerly Coprinus micaceus)
The mica cap has a bell-shaped, tawny brown, radially lined cap and inky gills. It grows in clusters around stumps or on wood debris. More


Photo of common morels growing on forest floor
Morchella species
A favorite Missouri wild edible, morels only appear in the spring. They're very hard to see, but that's part of the fun of hunting them. Learn to identify them, and you can enjoy the hunt, too. More

Multicolor Gill Polypore

Photo of multicolor gill polypore, a colorfully zoned bracket fungus on a log
Lenzites betulina
This bracket fungus has a semicircular, tough, hairy, multicolored, zoned cap; beneath, it's white, with leathery, gill-like tubes. It grows on dead deciduous wood. More

Old Man Of The Woods

Photo of an old man of the woods, a grayish, pored mushroom with a shaggy cap
Strobilomyces floccopus
The old man of the woods has a grayish black, shaggy cap with grayish pores and a grayish black, shaggy stalk. It usually grows singly, on the ground in mixed hardwood forests. More

Onusta Amanita (Loaded Lepidella; Gunpowder Lepidella)

Photo of onusta amanita mushroom closeup on cap showing gray-tan scalelike warts
Amanita onusta
The onusta amanita has a grayish white cap with grayish brown warts that are often erect, and a long stalk with grayish brown warts. It grows on the ground in mixed woods. More

Orange Mycena

Photo of orange mycena cluster, small, orange, gilled mushrooms
Mycena leaiana
The orange mycena is a small, sticky, bell-shaped, orange mushroom. It grows in dense clusters on deciduous wood. More

Orange Pinwheel Marasmius

Photo of orange pinwheel marasmius, tiny, orange, pleated, gilled mushroom
Marasmius siccus
The orange pinwheel marasmius is a tiny mushroom with an orange, bell-shaped, pleated cap, white gills, and a skinny brownish stalk. It grows scattered to many on dead leaves, wood, and twigs of deciduous trees. More

Oyster Mushroom

Photo of oyster mushrooms growing on a tree trunk
Pleurotus ostreatus and P. pulmonarius
Oyster mushrooms are choice edibles with broad, fleshy, whitish, grayish, or tan caps and a stubby, off-center stalk. They grow clustered on stumps, logs, and trunks. More

Pale Chicken of the Woods (Chicken Mushroom)

Photo of pale chicken of the woods bracket fungus held by two hands
Laetiporus cincinnatus
This edible fungus has layered, fan-shaped, fleshy caps that are orange to pinkish orange on top and white below. It grows in overlapping clusters or rosettes on stumps, trunks, and logs of dead or dying deciduous trees. It can also grow on living trees and buried roots. More