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Hexagonal-Pored Polypore

Photograph of several hexagonal-pored polypores, tan bracket fungi
Polyporus alveolaris (formerly Favolus alveolaris)
This polypore is an orange to tan, fan-shaped bracket that is scaly on top; the underside has rows of white, six-sided, radially arranged pores. It grows singly or in groups on dead branches of deciduous trees. More

Honey Mushroom

Photo of three rust-colored honey mushroom clusters on exposed tree root
Armillaria mellea
The honey mushroom has a honey-colored, sticky cap with black hairs over the center, and a stalk with a whitish ring. It grows in clusters at the bases of trees or stumps, especially oaks, and over buried wood. More

Indian Pipe

Photo of Indian pipe plants with flowers
Monotropa uniflora
Is that a wildflower, or a mushroom? Unlike most plants, Indian pipe lacks chlorophyll, so it is white, not green. Below ground, its roots join with fungi that connect to tree roots. This plant, then, takes nourishment indirectly from the trees. More

Indigo Milky

Photo of indigo milky, bluish gilled mushroom, with cuts bleeding blue sap
Lactarius indigo
Entire mushroom bluish, bleeding blue; then greenish, bruising greenish. The indigo milky grows scattered or in groups on soil in oak and pine woods. More


jack-o-lantern mushroom
Omphalotus illudens (formerly O. olearius)
Jack-o’-lanterns are bright orange to yellowish orange, with sharp-edged gills that descend the stalk. They grow in clusters, at the base of stumps, and from buried roots of oak and other deciduous wood. More

Jellied False Coral

Photo of jellied false coral mushroom, a rounded mass of white branches
Tremellodendron pallidum
The jellied false coral is a branching, whitish, leathery, coral-like jelly fungus. It grows on the ground in deciduous or mixed woods. More

Jelly Baby

Photo of jelly baby single yellowish gelatinous mushroom
Leotia lubrica
The jelly baby is a small mushroom with a gelatinous, orangish yellow stalk and head. It grows in groups on soil in mixed woods. More

Ling Chih (Lingzhi; Reishi Mushroom)

Photo of ling chih, a shiny, hard, rust-colored bracket fungus, growing on tree
Ganoderma lucidum
The ling chih is a hard, usually flat, zoned bracket fungus with a reddish brown, shiny top. It grows at the base of living and dead deciduous trees, and also around stumps. More

Little Brown Mushrooms

a row of little brown, umbrella-shaped mushrooms along a decaying log
Various species of confusingly similar mushrooms
Like the LGBs (“little gray birds”) of the birdwatchers, this is a catchall category. It includes all the small to medium-sized, hard-to-identify brownish mushroom with spores of all colors. There are many hundreds of species that fit this description! More

Lobster Mushroom

Photo of lobster mushroom, which is orange-yellow and finely bumpy
Hypomyces lactifluorum
The cap, gills, and stalk of a host mushroom are covered by a finely bumpy, vivid orange to orange-red layer of mold. The gills of the host mushroom can be entirely obscured by the parasite. More