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Gem-Studded Puffball

Photograph of cluster of mature gem-studded puffball mushrooms
Lycoperdon perlatum
The gem-studded puffball is a white, rounded to turban-shaped ball, densely covered with spiny warts, developing a pore at the top. It grows on the ground in open woods, along roads, in waste areas. More

Giant Puffball

Photo of a giant puffball, a large, smooth, rounded mushroom, growing in grass
Calvatia gigantea (Langermannia gigantea)
The giant puffball is a huge, white, smooth ball with a completely white interior that becomes yellowish green with age. It grows in open pastures, woods, and lawns. More

Golden Chanterelle (Girolle)

Photo of golden chanterelles, yellow and white vase-shaped mushrooms
Cantharellus cibarius
Golden chanterelles have a bright orange to yellow cap with wavy margins; beneath, they're orange-yellow, with forked ridges (not true gills) descending the stalk. They grow in soil. More

Green Cracking Russula

Photo of green cracking russula, greenish-capped, gilled mushroom
Russula virescens
Green cracking russula has a cap with a greenish, cracked, mosaic-like top, and cream-colored gills. It grows singly or in groups in mixed woods. More

Green-Spored Lepiota

caucasian hand holding white, umbrella-shaped mushroom
Chlorophyllum molybdites
Green-spored lepiotas are large, white, with broad, cream-colored scales on the cap, white gills that turn gray-green, and a ring on the stalk. They grow in lawns and meadows, often in a circular arrangement called a "fairy ring." More


Photo of an aging grisette mushroom that is flat and tan on top and white below
Amanita vaginata
The grisette has a gray cap with white patches and a radially grooved margin, and a stalk with a large, white, saclike cup around the base. It's found on the ground in open woods and in grass near trees. More

Hairy Rubber Cup

Photo of cluster of hairy rubber cup mushrooms, cup fungi with orangish centers
Galiella rufa (formerly Bulgaria rufa)
The hairy rubber cup has a reddish to brownish inner surface; the outside is blackish brown and hairy. It grows in clusters on dead deciduous wood. More

Half-Free Morel

Photograph of a half-free morel mushroom
Morchella punctipes (formerly M. semilibera)
The half-free morel is an excellent edible mushroom. It's completely hollow. It has a honeycombed cap with brownish black ridges and yellowish brown pits. The bottom half hangs free from the whitish stalk. More

Hedgehog Mushroom

Photo of three hedgehog mushrooms, two show tan cap, third shows teeth under cap
Hydnum repandum (Dentinum repandum)
The hedgehog mushroom has an irregularly shaped, dull orangish tan cap, with spines or "teeth" on its underside. It grows on the ground in mixed woods. More

Hen of the Woods (Maitake)

Photo of hen of the woods, large round mass of grayish mushrooms
Grifola frondosa
Looking like a ruffled chicken, the edible hen of the woods mushroom grows like large circular bouquet of spoon-shaped caps, each grayish brown on top and white beneath, emerging from a branching, whitish base. It grows on the ground at the base of oak trees. More