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Top-view photo of three dryad's saddles, a tan bracket fungus, growing on wood

Dryad’s Saddle

Polyporus squamosus
The dryad's saddle is a large, fleshy, scaly, yellowish tan bracket fungus with large, yellowish white pores and a short stalk; it smells like watermelon rind. It grows singly or in layers, on living or dead deciduous wood.

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Photo of earthstars, ball mushrooms with starlike rays, on forest floor


Geastrum species
An earthstar is a roundish ball in the center of starlike rays. It grows on the ground in open woods.

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Photo of eastern cauliflower mushroom, tan and white cauliflower-like mushroom

Eastern Cauliflower Mushroom

Sparassis spathulata (S. herbstii)
The eastern cauliflower mushroom is a large, stalkless, whitish yellow rosette with flattened, wavy, ribbonlike folds. It grows singly, at the bases of trees and often at the base of decayed oak stumps.

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Photo of an elegant stinkhorn mushroom, a pink column covered with brown slime

Elegant Stinkhorn

Mutinus elegans
The elegant stinkhorn is a long, tapered, pinkish orange column with a greenish brown, smelly slime covering the top and a white cup around the base. It grows on leafy debris, mulch piles, and rotting wood.

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Photo of emetic russula mushroom with red cap and whitish stalk

Emetic Russula

Russula emetica
The emetic russula has a uniformly red cap with off-white gills and stalk; its flesh and stalk are brittle. It grows singly or in groups, on moss and in mixed woods.

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Photo of many tan fairy ring mushrooms, some uprooted, growing in grass

Fairy Ring Mushroom

Marasmius oreades
The fairy ring mushroom has a tan to reddish brown, knobbed cap with off-white gills. It grows in grassy areas, lawns, meadows, often in circles called fairy rings.

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Image of a false morel

False Morels

Gyromitra spp. (false morels); Helvella spp. (elfin saddles)
This group of poisonous mushrooms includes species that are commonly confused with the delectable morels. Before you go mushroom hunting, learn how to tell the difference between these fungi and the truly edible morels.

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Photo of false turkey tail bracket fungus closeup, one showing smooth underside

False Turkey Tail

Stereum ostrea
False turkey tail grows in large, layered groups of leathery, parchmentlike brackets with multicolored zones and a smooth underside. Look for it on stumps and logs of deciduous trees, especially oaks.

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Photo of a fawn mushroom, which is a brownish gray, gilled, capped mushroom

Fawn Mushroom

Pluteus atricapillus (formerly P. cervinus)
The fawn mushroom has a brownish gray cap with whitish to pinkish gills and a whitish stalk. It grows singly or scattered, on dead wood or on the ground over buried wood.

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Photo of two Frost's boletes, red mushrooms with pores, at different angles

Frost’s Bolete

Boletus frostii
Frost’s bolete has a blood red cap with red pores and a red, webbed stalk; all parts bruise blue. It grows scattered on the ground in oak woods.

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