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Common Laccaria

Photo of cluster of common laccaria, small brownish pink mushrooms, in grass
Laccaria laccata
The common laccaria has a small, brownish pink cap with a central depression; the gills and stalk are a pale pinkish brown. Grows scattered or in groups in poor or sandy soil in mixed woods. More

Common Split Gill

Photo of common split gills, white bracket mushrooms growing on branch
Schizophyllum commune
Split gills grow in clusters with small, white, hairy, fan-shaped caps. Beneath, they have whitish or pinkish gill-like folds that split toward the edge. They grow on dead branches of deciduous trees. More

Coral-Pink Merulius

Photo of coral-pink merulius, pink bracket mushrooms growing on wood
Phlebia incarnata (formerly Merulius incarnatus)
The coral-pink merulius is a small, semicircular bracket fungus that is pinkish to coral to cream-colored, wrinkled, and veined beneath. It grows on dead logs and stumps of deciduous trees. More

Crown-Tipped Coral

Photo of cluster of pinkish crown-tipped coral mushrooms growing on rotting log
Artomyces pyxidatus (formerly Clavicorona pyxidata)
The crown-tipped coral is a many-branched, coral-like mushroom that is yellowish tan with crownlike tips. It grows on the dead wood of deciduous trees. More

Dead Man’s Fingers

Photo of mature dead man's fingers mushrooms, lumpy grayish black masses
Xylaria polymorpha
Dead man’s fingers is a black, distorted, clublike or finger-shaped fungus with a wrinkled, charcoal-like surface. It grows in clusters at the base of rotting deciduous trees and stumps. More

Deadly Galerina

Photo of several deadly galerina mushroom caps, viewed from above.
Galerina marginata (G. autumnalis)
The deadly galerina has a brownish, sticky cap, yellowish to rusty gills, and a ring on the stalk. It grows scattered or clustered on deciduous and coniferous logs. More

Destroying Angel

Photo of destroying angel showing large saclike cup around the base of stalk
Amanita bisporigera
The destroying angel is all white, with a ring on the stalk and a large, saclike cup around the base of the stalk. This deadly poisonous mushroom is very common, growing on the ground in mixed woods and in grass near trees. More

Devil’s Urn

Photograph of a cluster of devil's urn mushrooms, which are brown and gobletlike
Urnula craterium
Devil's urns are goblet-shaped, leathery brown cups. They grow in clusters on small to medium-sized decaying branches of hardwoods, especially oaks. Look for them in spring. More

Dog Vomit Slime Mold (Scrambled Egg Slime Mold)

Photo of dog vomit slime mold, closeup, extruding red liquid.
Fuligo septica
In addition to "dog vomit" and "scrambled eggs," this slime mold can also look like the foam at the top of a pint of stout beer, or a yellow or tan sponge. It grows on mulch and other decaying wood. More

Dryad’s Saddle

Top-view photo of three dryad's saddles, a tan bracket fungus, growing on wood
Polyporus squamosus
The dryad's saddle is a large, fleshy, scaly, yellowish tan bracket fungus with large, yellowish white pores and a short stalk; it smells like watermelon rind. It grows singly or in layers, on living or dead deciduous wood. More