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Voluminous-Latex Milky

Photo of three voluminous-latex milkies, tan mushrooms, of different sizes
Lactarius volemus
The voluminous-latex milky has a velvety, orangish brown cap and stalk, white gills and flesh that exude a milky white latex, and a fishlike odor. It grows scattered in deciduous woods. More

Witches’ Butter

Photo of witches' butter, a yellow gelatinous bloblike fungus
Tremella mesenterica
Witches' butter is a fungus that looks like small, yellow, irregularly lobed, gelatinous masses. It grows on dead deciduous wood, especially oaks. More

Wolf's-Milk Slime (Toothpaste Slime)

Photo of wolf's-milk slime, a small pinkish rounded slime mold
Lycogala epidendrum
Wolf's-milk slime looks like little, round, reddish pink balls that exude a pinkish gray paste when popped. It grows in groups on dead wood, especially large logs. It's not really a mushroom! More

Wood Ear (Tree Ear)

Photo of wood ear mushroom, which looks like a brownish human ear stuck to a log
Auricularia auricula (formerly A. auricula-judae)
The wood ear is a reddish brown to grayish black, rubbery, earlike or cup-shaped mushroom. It usually grows in groups on rotting wood. More

Yellow Morel (Common Morel)

Photo of common morels growing on forest floor
Morchella esculentoides (formerly M. esculenta)
The yellow morel is a choice edible mushroom. It has a honeycombed cap with yellow to grayish to tan ridges and pits. It is completely hollow and grows in the spring. More

Yellow Patches

Amanita flavoconia
The cap of this mushroom ranges from orange to yellow, with yellowish patches. The stalk has crumbling patches at the base, and a ring. It grows on the ground in mixed woods. More