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Black Trumpet (Horn of Plenty; Black Chanterelle; Trumpet of the Dead)

Photo of two black trumpets, dark brown vase-shaped mushrooms on mossy ground
Craterellus cornucopioides (C. fallax)
The black trumpet is dark brown to black, vase- or trumpet-shaped, with a wavy margin and no gills. It grows in groups of few to many on rocky, mossy hillsides in deciduous woods. More

Black-Footed Polypore

Photo of top of black-footed polypore mushroom showing smooth fan-shaped cap
Polyporus badius
The black-footed polypore has a smooth, wavy brown cap with whitish or tannish pores on the underside and a black, smooth, off-center stalk. It grows singly or in groups of up to several on dead wood and stumps of deciduous trees. More

Black-Staining Polypore

Photo of black-staining polypore, a mushroom with tan, wavy, fan-shaped caps
Meripilus sumstinei (formerly M. giganteus)
The black-staining polypore grows in large, circular clusters of many fleshy, grayish yellow, fan-shaped caps, which bruise black when cut or touched. It grows on the ground around deciduous trees, especially oaks. More

Bleeding Mycena

Photo of cluster of bleeding mycenas, small, capped, reddish mushrooms
Mycena haematopus
The bleeding mycena is a small mushroom with a bell-shaped, reddish brown cap that bleeds dark red when cut. It usually grows in clusters on decaying wood. More


Lepista nuda (Clitocybe nuda; Tricholoma nudum)
The blewit grows scattered in open areas, in mulch piles, and along paths. All parts of this mushroom—cap, gills and stalk—are violet to tan. More


Photo of a blusher, a tan gilled mushroom, showing injured spot turning rust red
Amanita rubescens
The blusher has a tan to reddish brown cap with pinkish brown patches and a ring on the stalk; the entire mushroom bruises reddish. It grows on the ground in oak woods and under white pines. More


Image of smooth chanterelle
Cantharellaceae (various members of family)
Chanterelles are funnel- or trumpet-shaped and have wavy cap edges. Most are bright orange or yellow, although one, the black trumpet, is brownish black. More

Cinnabar Chanterelle

Photo of a cinnabar chanterelle, vase-shaped red-orange mushroom
Cantharellus cinnabarinus
The cinnabar chanterelle is a small, reddish orange, vase-shaped mushroom with forked ridges on the underside that descend the stalk. It grows in the soil. More

Cinnabar Polypore

Photo of a cinnabar polypore, which is a reddish orange bracket fungus
Pycnoporus cinnabarinus
The cinnabar polypore is a bracket fungus that is tough, fan-shaped, and bright red-orange above and below. It grows on dead deciduous branches, twigs, and wood, mainly oak. More

Comb Tooth

Photo of comb tooth, a beardlike mushroom with white toothlike projections
Hericium coralloides (formerly H. ramosum)
The comb tooth is a branched, whitish mass on fallen logs and decaying deciduous trees. Its branches are covered with tufts of hanging, toothlike spines. More