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Photo of an alcohol inky mushroom cut in half lengthwise.

Alcohol Inky

Coprinopsis atramentaria (formerly Coprinus atramentarius)
The alcohol inky has a gray-brown, bell-shaped, radially lined cap and inky gills. It grows in clusters on the ground, usually near rotting or buried wood.

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Photo of a blusher, a tan gilled mushroom, showing injured spot turning rust red


Amanita spp. (about 600 species, worldwide)
This large group of mushrooms accounts for 90 percent of mushroom-related deaths, so every mushroom hunter should be familiar with amanitas. They contain one of the deadliest poisons found in nature!

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Photo of artist conk, woody bracket fungus on tree shown from side

Artist Conk

Ganoderma applanatum
The artist conk is a woody, semicircular, brownish bracket with a white underside that bruises dark gray to black. It grows on dead wood or in wounds of living deciduous trees.

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Photo of two ash tree boletes, tan pored mushrooms, one overturned showing pores

Ash Tree Bolete

Boletinellus merulioides
The ash tree bolete is a pored mushroom with a brownish, wavy cap, an off-center stalk, and clearly defined pores. It grows scattered on the ground near ash trees.

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Photo of bearded tooth, white round beardlike mushroom growing from tree trunk

Bearded Tooth (Lion’s Mane; Hedgehog Mushroom)

Hericium erinaceus
The bearded tooth is a beardlike, whitish mass that grows on trunks of living deciduous trees and on fallen trees and logs.

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Photo of beefsteak polypore, a rust-colored bracket fungus growing on tree base

Beefsteak Polypore

Fistulina hepatica
The beefsteak polypore is a thick, semicircular, reddish or rusty, gelatinous bracket with a pinkish yellow underside. It grows at the base of living oaks and on stumps.

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Photo of Berkeley's polypore, fresh, young specimen.

Berkeley’s Polypore

Bondarzewia berkeleyi
Berkeley’s polypore grows in rosettes or clusters of fleshy, cream-colored caps, with whitish pores that descend the stalk. Look for them on the ground near the bases of trees.

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Big Laughing Gym (Big Laughing Jim)

Gymnopilus junonius (formerly G. spectabilis)
Big laughing gym mushrooms are large, orangish yellow, and have a ring on the stalk. They grow in clusters on stumps and trunks of deciduous trees, on the ground, or over buried wood.

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Image of a false morel

Big Red False Morel

Gyromitra caroliniana
The big red false morel is a poisonous mushroom. It has a reddish brown, convoluted, brainlike cap and a whitish stalk stuffed with cottony tissue. It grows singly or in groups in mixed woods.

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Photo of 2 bitter bolete mushrooms showing top and underside of caps and stalk.

Bitter Bolete

Tylopilus felleus
The bitter bolete has a large, tannish brown cap with pinkish white pores and a webbed, tannish brown stalk. It grows singly or scattered on the ground in mixed woods.

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