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American Bison

large, dark bison in snowy field
Bos bison
The largest mammal to occur in Missouri during historic times, the bison lives in wild and semi-wild herds on private ranges and on public lands, where people can see them and imagine the immense herds that used to be. More


Photo of badger
Taxidea taxus
Excellent diggers, badgers are powerful predators of rodents in grasslands and other open areas. Identify them by their brawny build, impressive digging claws and the black and white pattern on their faces. More


Beaver on land, chewing log
Castor canadensis
These semiaquatic rodents are distinguished by their large size, webbed hind feet and large, horizontally flattened tail that is covered with leathery scales. More

Black Bear

Ursus americanus
One of the largest wild mammals in Missouri, the black bear is unmistakable with its black fur and powerful bearing. More


Photo of bobcat
Lynx rufus
This short-tailed wild cat has a distinctive streaked and spotted pattern, a wide face and pointy ears often with black tufts. More


bony, distressed-looking dog or coyote with no hair
Canis cryptis
Sometimes people mistake a mangy Missouri coyote for the legendary chupacabra. More


coyote walking through grassland
Canis latrans
This much-maligned member of the dog family does a great service to the ecosystem by helping to hold populations of rabbits and mice in check. In addition, their yips and barks add auditory excitement to rural nights. More

Eastern Chipmunk

Image of an eastern chipmunk
Tamias striatus
These sleek, attractive, active ground-dwelling squirrels live in tunnels but are generally out during the day, making them one of the few mammals that people can enjoy watching. More

Eastern Cottontail

Image of eastern cottontail
Sylvilagus floridanus
“Cottontail” describes the characteristic appearance of this rabbit's tail: when it is raised, the white undersurface is conspicuous and resembles a fluff of cotton. More

Eastern Mole

eastern mole
Scalopus aquaticus
These plush-furred, large-handed critters are infamous for disfiguring lawns as they tunnel belowground hunting for grubs and cutworms—many of which are also disliked by landscapers! More