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image of Sand Wasp perched on sand

Sand Wasps

Numerous species and genera in Missouri
Many species and genera of sand wasps occur in Missouri. They nest in the ground during summer. They are found in many habitats but most often in open, sandy areas along rivers.

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Image of Dark Flower Scarab clinging to a flower

Scarab Beetles

About 1,700 species in North America north of Mexico.
The scarab beetle family is very large, with breathtaking variety—and often great beauty. Many scarabs are large and colorful.

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Photo of a firebrat, a type of silverfish

Silverfish (Firebrat)

Lepisma saccharina, Thermobia domestica, and other species
Silverfish are known worldwide, since they commonly live in our homes. There are a number of species in this family of insects, including the common silverfish and the firebrat.

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Photo of a smooth flower crab spider, yellow individual, on ox-eye daisy flower

Smooth Flower Crab Spider

Misumena vatia
Smooth flower crab spiders can change color from white to yellow, depending upon the blossoms they're in. The female often has an orange or reddish stripe running along each side of the abdomen, extending from the front to about halfway down the side.

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Soil Centipedes

There are many species of soil centipedes in our state.
Soil centipedes are abundant, common and harmless to humans. About all you have to do to find them is lift up stones and logs!

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image of Soldier Beetle on Goldenrod

Soldier Beetles

Nearly 500 species in North America north of Mexico
Sometimes called leatherwings, soldier beetles are most often seen on flowers. Many species are pollinators, and yellow, orange, and red are their most common colors, besides black and brown.

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Image of female spiny-bellied orb weaver on a leaf

Spiny-Bellied Orb Weaver

Micrathena gracilis
The color pattern can vary, but the ten-spined, chunky abdomen sets the female spiny-bellied orb weaver apart from all other spiders.

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Image of a fishing spider

Spotted Fishing Spider

Dolomedes triton
Spotted fishing spiders live around ponds, slow-moving streams, swampy areas, and other damp places. They are able to run across the surface of water much like water striders and will dive for prey, including small tadpoles or aquatic insects.

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image of Squash Bug crawling on sand

Squash Bugs

Anasa spp., including Anasa tristis
Sooner or later, most Missouri gardeners learn about squash bugs, which feed on the foliage of squash, pumpkins, melons, cucumbers, and other plants in the squash family.

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photo of a male reddish-brown stag beetle

Stag Beetles

About 24 species in North America north of Mexico
While stag beetles are not very colorful, they make up for it in pincers! Male stag beetles usually have enlarged, sometimes astonishing jaws. These “antlers” give rise to the common name.

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