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Orangethroat Darter

Image of an orangethroat darter
Etheostoma spectabile
Mottled yellow-brown on back with indistinct brown crossbars; sides with several vertical blue stripes. Males colorful during breeding season, with red blotches on sides and bright orange under gills. More

Ozark Cavefish

Image of an Ozark cavefish
Amblyopsis rosae
This small, colorless, blind fish lives its entire life in springs, cave streams and underground waters. It has been declared Endangered in our state and as Threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. More

Ozark Minnow

ozark minnow
Notropis nubilus
Small, slender minnow with dark yellow-olive back and upper sides. Dark-edged scales. Lower sides are silvery with a prominent dusky stripe at midline that extends forward past the eye. More


illustration of big, long-nosed fish
Polyodon spathula
This unusual fish is Missouri’s officially designated aquatic animal. Like a small shark, it nearly lacks scales and has a cartilaginous skeleton; like a baleen whale, it filters its dinner from the water—but no other fish on our continent has a paddle for a snout! More

Pallid Sturgeon

Pallid sturgeon illustration
Scaphirhynchus albus
Similar to shovelnose sturgeon, but with a longer and more pointed snout. Bases of the inner barbels are weakly fringed, and the base of an inner barbel is less than half the width of the base of an outer barbel. More

Pirate Perch

Image of a pirate perch
Aphredoderus sayanus
Small size, grayish color heavily speckled with black, single dorsal fin, no adipose fin, body rough to touch, tail fin slightly notched, but without fork. In Missouri, only pirate perch and cavefishes have anus located far forward on body in the throat area. Most closely related to cavefishes and trout-perch. More

Rainbow Trout

Image of rainbow trout
Oncorhynchus mykiss
This coldwater fish isn’t native to Missouri, but this “king of sport fish”—maintained by stocking into suitable waters—is certainly appreciated by anglers. More

Red Shiner

Image of a red shiner
Cyprinella lutrensis
The most abundant and widely distributed minnow in the prairie region of north and west Missouri, the red shiner inhabits a variety of habitats, from riffles to quiet pools. More

Redear Sunfish

Image of a redear sunfish
Lepomis microlophus
Also called "shellcracker," "bream" and "stumpknocker," this deep and slab-sided sunfish has a small mouth, with the upper jaw not reaching past the front of the eye. The back and sides are golden or light olive-green. More

Redfin Darter

Etheostoma whipplei
One of the rarest darters in Missouri is part of a highly distinctive fish community living in the lower Spring River and its North Fork, in Jasper and Barton counties. Just as the landscape transitions from prairie to Ozarks, the stream character changes, there, too. More