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Image of a song sparrow

Song Sparrow

Melospiza melodia
The song sparrow is an uncommon nester but a common winter resident throughout Missouri. You can find the song sparrow along forest edges and in many backyards.

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Image of a swamp sparrow

Swamp Sparrow

Melospiza georgiana
The swamp sparrow is an uncommon winter resident in most of Missouri, but as the name indicates it may be more easily found in wet areas.

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Photo of trumpeter swan taking flight from water

Trumpeter Swan

Cygnus buccinator
The largest waterfowl species in North America has been absent from the state throughout most of the 20th century, but today they are seen as migrants overwintering in our state.

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Photograph of a Tufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse

Baeolophus bicolor
A small gray bird with a crest on its head, the tufted titmouse is drab only in terms of color. Its ringing “peter-peter-peter” song should be familiar to all Missourians.

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Photo of a turkey vulture in flight

Turkey Vulture

Cathartes aura
This “buzzard” is perhaps the most commonly seen soaring bird in our state. Identify it from below by its shallow V-angled wing posture and two-toned pattern, with the forward edge of the wings black and the trailing half gray or silvery.

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Photograph of a White-Breasted Nuthatch

White-Breasted Nuthatch

Sitta carolinensis
Nuthatches, the upside-down birds, creep up and down tree trunks and on the tops and bottoms of branches. The call is a nasal “yank” or “yank-yank.”

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Image of a white-crowned sparrow

White-Crowned Sparrow

Zonotrichia leucophrys
The white-crowned sparrow is one of our most common and widespread winter sparrows. It is a close relative of the white-throated sparrow. The white-crowned sparrow is a large sparrow with a bold black-and-white striped crown, a clear gray breast and a pink beak.

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Image of a white-throated sparrow

White-Throated Sparrow

Zonotrichia albicollis
White-throated sparrows are dispersed throughout Missouri in the winter. They are rather large and tend to be more common in the southern and eastern parts of the state. Adults have a boldly striped black-and-white crown, gray cheek and a yellow patch between the bill and the eye.

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Photo of male wild turkey walking in mowed grass

Wild Turkey

Meleagris gallopavo
The large size, iridescent bronze plumage (which can look merely dark at a distance), and naked blue and red head distinguish this ground-dwelling bird from others in our state.

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Photo of a Wilson's snipe, a pudgy, long-billed bird, wading in a marsh.

Wilson’s Snipe

Gallinago delicata
Wilson’s snipe, formerly called the common snipe, is a migratory game bird in Missouri. Like its relative the woodcock, this member of the sandpiper family is not usually seen on mudflats. It prefers swamps and wet, grassy areas.

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