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maple leaf


Quadrula quadrula
The mapleleaf spawns in the summer, using catfish as a host.

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Photo of a mayfly


There are hundreds of species in North America.
The mayflies are a fascinating group of insects. The nymphs live from months to years under water, breathing through gills, and the adults fly around in the air, mating, living for only a day or two.

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Quadrula metanevra
Finding the monkey’s face in this mussel's shell is left up to the imagination.

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image of Mosquito


There are about 50 species of mosquitoes in our state.
Who likes mosquitoes? Certainly not people! However, mosquitoes have lived on Earth for millions of years, and all that time they’ve been feeding fish with their legions of “wriggler” larvae.

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Actinonaias ligamentina
One of the most widespread and numerous mussels in southern Missouri.

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Image of a neosho midget crayfish

Neosho Midget Crayfish

Orconectes macrus
This small crayfish is a subdued mottled brown, with a prominent black band crossing the carapace near its junction with the abdomen. The body is stout, and the pincers are broad and powerful. It is found in the Neosho stream drainage of southwestern Missouri and northwestern Arkansas.

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Image of an ozark crayfish

Ozark Crayfish

Orconectes ozarkae
This crayfish, found in the White and Black stream systems, is light brown to reddish-brown with numerous black specks on the pincers and often on the abdomen as well. The pincers are broad and powerful.

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paper pondshell

Paper Pondshell (Paper Floater)

Utterbackia imbecillis
Unlike most other freshwater mussels, this species is hermaphrodic: An individual mussel can be both male and female.

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Quadrula pustulosa
While the pimpleback is usually bumpy, some individuals are perfectly smooth.

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pink heelsplitter

Pink Heelsplitter

Potamilus alatus
A large dorsal wing and purple lining make identification of this widespread mussel easy.

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