Canis cryptis
Missouri cryptidae

Descriptions vary. In Puerto Rico, where the animal was first reported, it is described as about the size of a small bear, with a row of spines reaching from neck to the base of the tail. In Missouri, chupacabra reports describe a large, doglike creature with no hair and a distressed, skeletal appearance.

About the size of a coyote or German shepherd
Habitat and conservation: 
Chupacabras seem to prefer the same habitat as coyotes.
Reported to suck the milk of goats, but seems to thrive on superstition and fear
Distribution in Missouri: 
Wherever coyotes are commonly seen
Life cycle: 
Unknown, but reports seem to peak in summer, when sarcoptic mange plagues coyotes and other canids.
Human connections: 
Like all legendary creatures, the chupacabra legend stirs the human imagination.
Ecosystem connections: 
None known
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