Bay-Breasted Warbler

Dendroica castanea
Parulidae (wood-warblers) in the order Passeriformes

Adult breeding male has a black head with a chestnut crown, throat and sides; the sides of neck and underparts are buffy. The adult female is similar but lacks the black head and is paler. Both have 2 white wing bars and dark legs. Song is a high-pitched "tsetsi-tsetsi-tsetsi-ti."

Length: 5 1/2 inches (tip of bill to tip of tail).
Habitat and conservation: 
Bay-breasted warblers spend summers in coniferous forests of the northern U.S. and into Canada. Panama, Venezuela and Colombia are their winter range, where they feed in flocks along woodland borders.
The bay-breasted warbler moves through the trees, hopping from branch to branch, feeding on insects.
Distribution in Missouri: 
Statewide (transient).
Uncommon transient. One of 56 species of warblers in North America, the bay-breasted migrates through the Midwest to nest in northern spruce-fir forests.
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