Older birds should be cooked with a moist-heat method, while younger birds can be grilled or fried.

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Cleaning a Turkey

Novice turkey hunters are often intimidated when it comes time to clean this large bird. Just like a chicken or other fowl, there are two basic ways to clean a turkey: plucking and skinning.

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Turkey Main Dishes

Tired of roast turkey? Liven up your family's menu with these main dish recipes!

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Turkey on the Grill

The next time you hold a barbecue, serve up something different with one of these wild turkey recipes!

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Turkey Roasting

There's more than one way to roast a turkey - use these recipes to learn how.

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Turkey Soups and Salads

Use up leftover turkey with these recipes for lighter fare.

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Wild Jerky

Use venison, wild turkey or wild goose in this versatile recipe for jerky.

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