Morel Recipes

Fresh morels are a tasty harbinger of spring. Take advantage of wild Missouri's little hidden treasures with these recipes.

Crappie Francaise

Try this recipe for fresh crappie seasoned with lemon and herbs in a delicate morel sauce. More

Morel-Asparagus Fettuccine

This recipe features two prized ingredients commonly found around Missouri's woods and old homesteads in spring: morels and asparagus. More

Morel Boats

Try these little morel and ham-stuffed pastries as side dishes or appetizers! More

Morel-Pepper Focaccia

Serve this Italian-style flatbread hot with a meal or split and use as bread for sandwiches. More

Morel Stuffing

Try something new the next time you roast a turkey or chicken: morel stuffing! More

Mushroom and Venison Stew

Even strong or tough venison can make a tasty meal. Try it in this savory stew. More

Polenta with Woodland Tomato Sauce

Tired of noodles with your pasta sauce? Try this hearty Italian alternative, which includes Italian sausage and morels. More

Red Pepper Ravioli with Morel Sauce

Take a "wild" approach to an Italian classic with this recipe. More

Roast Wild Turkey in White Wine with Mushroom Paté Stuffing

Take roast turkey up a notch with this gourmet recipe. More

Venison Swedish Meatballs

Ground venison creates endless culinary opportunities. Try using it in this Swedish meatball recipe. More

Turkey, Wild Rice, and Mushroom Soup

Use up the last of that roast wild turkey with this recipe - complete with wild rice and morel mushrooms! More

Venison and Vegetable Kabobs

Grilled or broiled, these kabobs are sure to please! More

Wild Mushroom and Vegetable Soup

Learn how to move vegetable soup up a notch or two just by adding chantarelle or morel mushrooms. More

Wild Turkey Tetrazzini

Wild turkey, Parmesan cheese and mushrooms - what could be better? Learn how to make a "wild" version of this favorite family dish with this recipe! More

Skillet Squirrel

Squirrels simmered in mushroom and red wine gravy, delicious! More

Venison Pizza

Roll out a new way to use venison with this scrumptious venison pizza. More

Grilled Venison Kabobs

Venison tastes great, but it's even better portable. Make your meat mouth-watering and mobile with these grilled venison kabobs. More
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