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NOTE: The Find MO Fishing app is being phased out. Please visit the new MO Fishing application page to download the latest MDC fishing application.

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The latest version has been rebuilt from the ground up for improved performance and updated with:

  • Optimized remote data fetching
  • Added ability to view state and special regulations for each fish
  • Added information on how to obtain fishing permits
  • Updated "Fish Guide" and "Reports" workflow
  • Added ability to view "Conservation Area" and "Special Area" regulations where applicable

This free application shows you a map of Missouri with the locations of public boat ramps to the major lakes, rivers and streams of Missouri. The map also shows you the exact location of underwater fish structures the Missouri Department of Conservation has established over the years. These fish-attracting structures act as habitat for fish. With the geo-location feature, you can guide your boat right up to your favorite fish attractor and start fishing. 

Annual Prospects and Weekly Reports

To help anglers find the best locations, the application includes the annual prospects and weekly reports for select bodies of water. The annual prospects are updated by the beginning of the calendar year. The weekly fishing reports are updated every Thursday from the start of April to the end of September.

Try it now and get hooked on fishing in Missouri.


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