A Turkey for Jerry

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Published on: Mar. 18, 2014

word I was saying. He had his mind fixed that I was going to put him in front of a big gobbler. End of story.

What could I do? How could I make this turn out for him?

Preparing for Spring

I decided to do everything I could to improve our chance for success. I went to our local sporting goods store and bought a set of turkey decoys that said on the box they were “almost guaranteed” to bring turkeys running. The pictures on the box looked very convincing. I also purchased a new, full set of camouflage — pants, shirts, vest, and head net — the works. I tried it all on at home and looked like a walking brush pile. My wife and granddaughter took one look at me and burst out laughing. What did they know, I thought, they’re not turkeys.

I added up the costs of my new turkey hunter duds, decoys, and tags. I calculated the break-even point of my shopping trip to be approximately nine turkeys. Not too bad, I thought, though one would still be a stretch.

A week or so before opening day, I drove Jerry out to the farm where we were going to hunt. I wanted him to see the layout and prepare a couple of locations to set up on opening morning. We agreed on two locations, both mowed fields surrounded by heavy timber and brush. The landowner told us he had seen a few turkeys around these areas in the afternoons. Not for long, I thought. They will be heading for the neighboring farms soon enough.

Opening Day

I picked up Jerry at 5:45 a.m. on opening morning. It was less than a 15-minute drive to the farm, and it was just starting to lighten up. We quickly finished off our coffee, picked up our decoys and guns, and headed to the first field, which was only a few hundred yards away.

We set up the decoys so that any turkeys crossing the lane into the woods would spot them. The decoys would really stand out in the morning sunlight as they slowly rotated on their stakes.

Jerry sat at the base of a thorn tree along a fencerow that divided two fields. He would have an almost 360-degree view. The decoy spread was about 25 yards to his right — halfway to the woods. I settled

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