Kids in Nature Photo Contest Winners

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Published on: Dec. 13, 2013

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left it where it was so one of my boys could have the fun of discovering it for themselves.” The entire family enjoys spending time in the woods hunting deer, turkey, and squirrels. “Titus and his older brothers, Josh and Andrew, all enjoy catching fish in the small pond in front of our house,” says Todd Pridemore.

April Winner – Photo by Rebecca Bunn

Rebecca Bunn took this photo of her 2-year-old daughter, Nora, expressing excitement over a caterpillar found in their backyard in Hillsboro, Mo. Nora’s brother, Carter, looks on. “The caterpillars were a daily nature study for our family in the spring,” says Bunn. “We enjoy exploring the wonders of our backyard, watching birds at birdfeeders, finding turtles under bushes, and listening to woodpeckers pound away on trees. I love sharing nature with my kids, especially at this age. Through their eyes, I really appreciate how something so simple can inspire such awe and inspiration.”

July Winner – Photo by Rich Carter

Rich Carter submitted this image of his neighbor’s son, Brett Lohmeyer, blowing out a marshmallow at a backyard campfire.

September Winner – Photo by Vallorie Francis

Vallorie Francis took this photo of her son, Trusten, flying a kite on their farm in Edgerton, Mo. Francis says this was the first kite for Trusten, who is the second youngest of Francis’ seven children. “He was so excited on that windy day to fly his first kite, because his younger brother was taking a nap and his older siblings weren’t home from school, yet,” says Francis. “That meant he had it all to himself for a couple of hours.” Trusten has always been an outdoor boy. “He can usually be found outside, in a mud puddle or a dirt pile,” says Francis. “As a family, we go mushroom hunting in the spring, bike riding, fishing, and keep big gardens.”

August Winner – Photo by Kent Keitner

Kent Keitner of Galena, Mo., took this photo of his grandson, Levi Keitner, holding his first fish. Levi caught the fish on the James River during his first fishing trip. “While his dad, our son, was getting things ready to start fishing, Levi cast his line and immediately started reeling it in,” says Keitner. “His dad was shocked when Levi came up with his first fish!” Keitner says that Levi and his sisters love playing in and around the

November Winner –Photo by Scott Ziegler

Scott Ziegler took this photo of his 7-year-old grandson, Ben LaMontagne, shooting a bow for the first time at their property near Owensville. “He can’t wait to join me and his mom deer hunting on our property,” says Ziegler. The entire family lives in St. Louis County, but the family visits the country property as often as possible. LaMontagne loves to visit the property to go fishing.

March Winner - Photo by Jill Williams

Jill Williams took this photo of her husband, Chad, helping her son, Gage, tie a lure on his fishing line, while trout fishing at Bennett Springs State Park. “We usually go camping and fishing at Bennett Springs a couple of times a year,” says Williams. She reports that Gage caught several trout that day. “Our family loves the outdoors,” says Williams. “We like to go camping, fishing, hunting, and floating. Gage’s favorite outdoor activity is exploring the outdoors with his dog, Gunner.”

June Winner – Photo by Mauri Truesdell

Mauri Truesdell took this photo of her granddaughter, Elsie Kresse, age 8, showing a young turtle to Truesdell’s other granddaughter, Jade Kresse, age 3. After studying the turtle for a short time, it was released into suitable and safe habitat. “My family and I all enjoy outdoor activities,” says Truesdell. “We are a multi-generational family living together in Washington, Mo. We live just a few blocks away from the Missouri River and spend lots of time at the riverfront.” Truesdell says they have participated in river cleanups and have planted trees along the riverfront trail.

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