2013 Regulations Update

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Published on: Jan. 18, 2013

Missourians care deeply about our state’s forests, fish, and wildlife. To ensure these resources are protected, the Conservation Department’s Regulations Committee reviews the Wildlife Code of Missouri each year. In doing so, the Committee considers hundreds of suggestions from hunters, anglers, and other citizens. Although every suggestion cannot be adopted, all are carefully reviewed. The following is a summary of key changes to the Wildlife Code. For a complete listing of Wildlife Code regulations, visit Each regulation reflects the Department’s commitment to sustain healthy plant and animal communities, increase opportunities for Missourians to experience nature, and promote public safety.

Missouri is a world-class place to hunt, fish, and experience nature. The following changes increase opportunities to engage in outdoor activities, simplify or clarify existing regulations, and promote safety afield.

  • Following numerous requests from the public and careful consideration by area managers, pets — as long as they’re leashed — are now permitted at Rockwoods Reservation in St. Louis County.
  • To better reflect additional hunting methods allowed during the muzzleloader portion of firearms deer season, the name of the portion was changed to “alternative methods portion.”
  • Turkey hunters no longer need to affix a “Be Safe” sticker to their shotguns. Evidence shows “Be Safe” stickers have little, if any, effect on hunter safety. In contrast, Missouri’s hunter education program, which is mandatory for firearms hunters 16 and older, has substantially reduced hunting incidents. Given the growing popularity of buying e-Permits at home, the Regulations Committee decided it was unnecessary to make turkey hunters travel to permit vendors just to pick up “Be Safe” stickers.
  • Tagging deer and turkeys soon will be more convenient. Beginning with the 2013 deer season, hunters will no longer need to attach permits to harvested deer or turkeys. Hunters must stay with their harvested game until it is Telechecked so they can identify their harvest and produce a notched permit when requested to do so by a conservation agent. If hunters leave their harvest before it is Telechecked, they must attach their notched permit to the animal.
  • In cooperation with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, MDC is working to establish a world-class striped bass fishery at Bull Shoals Lake. To ensure the fishery is sustainable and to provide consistent striped bass regulations on lakes that straddle the state line, regulations for Bull Shoals and Norfork lakes and their tributaries have been updated. On these waters

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