Fiscal Year 2011–2012 Annual Report Summary

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Published on: Dec. 13, 2012


Stream Teams

Missouri has 3,796 active Stream Teams statewide. Volunteer activities included removing 459 tons of trash, planting 5,254 trees, and hosting 1,228 events.

Community Tree Care

MDC’s Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance cost-share program provided $271,306 to fund the 37 best applications. Successful applicants receive 60 or 75 percent of their total project in cost share within specified limits. The applicant provides the remaining balance. Applicants matched the MDC contribution by 46 percent providing $233,973 in local match.

Joplin Tornado Assistance

MDC worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the State Emergency Management Agency to evaluate all remaining trees in the areas primarily effected in Joplin and Duquesne. Two Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance grants were provided to the City of Joplin. Four plans for three Joplin parks were completed. Financial assistance was provided to Forest ReLeaf of Missouri to expand their tree nursery to provide trees to Joplin and Duquesne in the coming years. With partial funding from the U.S. Forest Service State and Private Forestry, MDC worked with the City of Joplin to plant more than 2,500 trees, distribute hundreds of trees to homeowners, and coordinate numerous offers of financial assistance, as well as more than 9,000 hours of volunteer time.

Share the Harvest

Conservation agents coordinate and support the Share the

Harvest program with the Conservation Federation of Missouri, local charitable organizations, and local meat processors. In 2011, approximately 6,191 hunters donated 317,882 pounds of venison to less-fortunate Missourians.

Stream Stewardship Trust Fund

The Stream Stewardship Trust Fund is available to restore, enhance, and/or protect streams and their surrounding habitats. The Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation runs the program, and MDC applies for grants. Last year, seven projects costing $763,896 were approved.

Volunteer Fire Departments

MDC, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, granted 371,101 to 185 volunteer fire departments. The grants fund protective clothing, equipment, and training. Equipment was also provided through two federal programs. Through the Federal Excess Property Program we obtained equipment valued at $427,287. The new Fire Fighter Program obtained equipment valued at $13,165,721. Since 1951, we have assigned more than 70 million in equipment to volunteer fire departments.

Wildfire Suppression

In FY12, MDC cooperated with fire departments across the state to suppress 3,505 wildfires that consumed 35,141 acres. The main cause of wildfire is the use of fire to dispose of debris.

Fiscal Year 2012 Summary

County Assistance Payments—$1,498,157

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