Fiscal Year 2011–2012 Annual Report Summary

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Published on: Dec. 13, 2012

FY12 there were 52 activities that involved 72,061 people. These included surveys, focus groups, open houses, comments and presentations to the Regulations Committee, and contacts with MDC’s ombudsman.

Find MO Fish Mobile Phone Application

This free mobile application shows a map of Missouri with the locations of public boat ramps to the major lakes, rivers, and streams. The map also shows the location of underwater fish structures MDC has placed. With the geo-location feature, anglers can guide their boat to a fish attractor.

Discover Nature Schools

Discover Nature Schools helps teachers engage students in hands-on, outdoor learning. Thus far, 53 schools taught the primary unit, 403 schools taught the elementary unit, 272 schools taught the middle-school unit, and 110 schools taught the high school unit. Conservation grants supporting Discover Nature Schools totaled $212,246.

Technical Assistance to Landowners

MDC served landowners through approximately 71,579 rural and urban contacts, including more than 7,000 on-site visits. Staff answered 5,088 wildlife nuisance or damage assistance requests, including 1,000 on-site visits.

Private Lake and Stream Management

We responded to 4,974 requests for watershed, floodplain, riparian corridor, stream or lake management information, and/or technical assistance. We made 660 on-site visits. On-site work included 119 fish-population surveys, 14 renovations, and 40 fish-kill investigations. Staff conducted 12 stream or lake management workshops for 298 people. We also coordinated or participated in 28 watershed-management projects.

75th Anniversary Celebration

MDC celebrated 75 years of Missouri’s unique, citizenled conservation. The celebration included a half-hour TV program, special events, publications, and Missouri Conservationist magazine articles that will culminate in a book. As part of MDC’s 75th Anniversary, we hosted a photo contest. More than 1,880 people submitted almost 13,000 photos in seven categories.

Peregrine Falcon Web Camera

MDC, Ameren Missouri, and the World Bird Sanctuary provided citizens with a view of peregrine falcons raising chicks in a nesting box at Ameren’s Sioux Energy Center in Franklin County. The camera was live for viewing from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. seven days a week on each partner’s website. Viewing was available until the falcon’s five young left the nest.

Engage Partners at All Levels

Wetland Restoration Assistance

Since 1992, MDC has assisted the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service in restoring critical wetlands. Over the past two years, Missouri has received about $43 million to assist landowners in wetland restoration. Missouri has 1,000 easements covering 139,815 acres through the Wetland Reserve

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