Fiscal Year 2011–2012 Annual Report Summary

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Published on: Dec. 13, 2012

stocked in Missouri waters.

State Forest Nursery

The state forest nursery annually grows and distributes about million seedlings of more than 60 species. The seedlings are planted on public and private land. The nursery filled more than 10,700 orders with more than 21,600 packages of seedlings.

Forest and Woodland Improvements

We improved forests and woodlands on 49,687 acres of state land. This included thinning young trees on 1,775 acres, eradicating invasive plants on 3,416 acres, post-sale cultural work on 1,421 acres, prescribed fires on 9,756 acres, 114 acres of tree planting, and harvest of 8,578 acres.

Land Management

MDC conducted habitat management on more than 191,000 acres of public land including: 39,000 acres of wetland, 23,000 acres of woodland/forest/savanna, 80,000 acres of cropland 67,000 acres through permittee farmers and 13,000 acres in food plots), 29,000 acres of grassland/prairie, 19,000 acres of old fields, and 1,000 acres of glade.

Golden Anniversary Wetlands

MDC is rehabilitating five of our oldest wetland management areas through the Golden Anniversary Wetlands Initiative. Work at Ted Shanks and Montrose conservation areas is complete. Fountain Grove Conservation Area (CA) pump design and installation is underway. Schell Osage CA work will begin in FY14. Duck Creek CA construction is about 50 percent complete. A second $1 million North American Wetland Act grant was awarded to MDC to support the second phase at Duck Creek CA. Duck Creek Conservation Area is one of five wetland areas that MDC is rehabilitating through the Golden Anniversary Wetlands Initiative.

New Office in the Central Region

MDC opened a new Central Regional Office and Conservation Research Center in Columbia. The facility houses 120 employees formerly housed at two facilities, laboratories, a 100-seat conference room, and a lobby where the public can pick up free brochures and obtain hunting and fishing permits. The building incorporates green building concepts.

Sound Financial Accountability

Internal Audits

MDC employs one internal auditor who performs regular, independent audits to ensure that public funds are expended in a responsible manner. In fiscal year 2012, there were no major findings noted with the business practices reviewed.

Information Technology

We completed analysis for the Land Tracking System, the Infrastructure Inventory System, and the Enterprise GIS Repository. These systems will significantly improve MDC’s ability to manage public land and infrastructure.

Citizen Involvement/Education

Listened to Missourians

Part of delivering excellent service is listening and understanding what Missourians say about conservation programs and services. In

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