Fiscal Year 2011–2012 Annual Report Summary

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Published on: Dec. 13, 2012

In 2010, MDC, in cooperation with Mississippi State University and with funding from the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, began the first Missouri black bear research project. From July 2010 to May 2012, 45 bears were captured and tagged. Of those, 28 were males and 17 were females. Bears that were large enough were fitted with a radio collar. Our population estimate is 108 bears for the southwest portion of the study area.

National Fish Habitat Initiative

The National Fish Habitat Partnership has included Table Rock Lake on their ten waters to watch list. The designation is due to on-going efforts to improve habitat through the National Fish Habitat Initiative and More Fish Campaign. There have been 1,460 brush structures, 104 rock piles, 49 stump fields, 11 rock/ stump combos, and 26 rock fences installed.

Chronic Wasting Disease in Missouri

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a fatal disease that affects deer, elk, and other cervids. Since it’s discovery in 2010, CWD has been found in 11 captive cervids and five free-ranging deer in Macon and Linn counties. As part of the MDC’s ongoing efforts to monitor the disease, we will continue testing hunter harvested deer in the CWD containment zone. MDC also is working with area landowners to limit the prevalence and spread of CWD. With the help of hunters, MDC has tested more than 35,000 free-ranging deer for CWD statewide since 2002.

Manage Lands in Public Trust

Community Fisheries Assistance

Through the Community Assistance Program and the Corporate and Agency Partnership Program, MDC has agreements (usually 25-year) with cities, counties, state and federal agencies, businesses, foundations, schools, and colleges to provide fisheries management at lakes and ponds and cooperatively develop and maintain facilities for anglers at lakes and streams. MDC has agreements with 117 partners for the cooperative management of 168 public lakes, 42 stream-access areas, four lake-access areas, and 10 aquatic education ponds.

Cold-Water Fish Hatcheries

MDC stocked 1,451,984 trout among five trout parks, 12 stream special management areas, and Lake Taneycomo. Anglers purchased 310,212 daily adult tags, 62,007 daily youth tags, and 88,699 trout fishing permits.

Warm-Water Fish Hatcheries

In 2011, 6.4 million fish were stocked in public waters. Highlights include: 216,821 hybrid striped bass, 5,346 muskie, 3,222 pallid sturgeon, 3,683 paddlefish, 12,899 advance-sized largemouth bass, 7,803 hybrid sunfish, 177,392 channel catfish, more than five million walleye fry, and more than 1.5 million walleye fingerlings were

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