75th Anniversary Photo Contest

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Published on: Sep. 17, 2012

on in there, so I decided to focus my attention on that portion of the blossom” said Korpella. A Missouri Master Naturalist and Stream Team member, Korpella said one of his favorite activities is heading outside with his camera. He said he photographs in a variety of locations in both Missouri and Arkansas. “But,” he said, “it’s amazing what you can discover in your own backyard.”

Cliff White: “In a category that had so many wonderful images of beautiful flowers, the ones that stood out were those that approached the subject matter in a new and unexpected way. I love macro photography, because it takes small details and makes them larger than life. This image expertly blends this larger-than-life quality, with great composition, color and delicate textures.”

Best of Mammals - Black bear by Matt Miles of Webster County

Miles photographed this “Ozark Bruin” in Webster County. “This spring, I quietly walked in predawn darkness to a forested ridge where I had successfully photographed gobblers a couple of days earlier. During this morning, no turkeys responded to my calls, but, to my amazement, this magnificent bear slowly made his way in my direction.” Miles said that while much of his photography is taken on his rural property, he has a job that requires him to travel around the state, giving him ample opportunity to pursue photography in a variety of locations.

James Fashing: “There were many great mammal entries, and many of them look like portraits, where the animals are looking directly at the photographer. This action shot was unique. The photographer reacted quickly with perfect focus control in low light.”

The Judges

James Fashing is the New Media Editor for the farm cooperative, MFA Incorporated. Prior to that, Fashing worked for 18 years as a photojournalist for MFA’s member magazine, Today’s Farmer where he won numerous industry awards in photography. He has a degree in photojournalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Jason Jenkins has been a photojournalist for more than a decade. He is currently the managing editor of Rural Missouri, a monthly publication published by the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives. Jenkins was named “Photographer of the Year” twice by the Cooperative Communicators Association.

Cliff White has worked for the Missouri Department of Conservation for 16 years. For 10 of those years he was a staff photographer. He currently is the art director and supervises the photography team at the Department. White has a degree in photojournalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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