75th Anniversary Photo Contest

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Published on: Sep. 17, 2012

them. Perfect use of the fog and great composition, and it’s clear that the person is fishing. To me, this image has an implied theme of coexistence between people and nature, and that’s what conservation is all about.”

Best of Reptiles and Amphibians - Prairie lizard by Mark Beckemeyer of Steedman

“This picture was taken shortly after the noon hour as the prairie lizard was descending a tree near the frog pond in our backyard,” said Beckemeyer. “It took many tries to get close enough and acquire the desired effect. The studio-like quality was achieved by shooting the lizard on a shaded James Fashing : “The simple background really makes the lizard and its markings stand out in this shot. The focus on the eye was tack sharp. Shooting at eye level or lower often has more striking results than standing above your subject.”

Best of Birds - Short-eared owl by Jason G. Harrison of Troy

Harrison photographed this owl in Clinton County. “A dear friend and fellow photographer lives near this farm and told me about the owls,” said Harrison. Harrison said he drove four hours through the tail end of a major snowstorm to arrive late afternoon. “The storm had just passed and the sun had come out,” said Harrison. “The owls were already actively hunting and I came upon a large group of them.” Harrison said he continued photographing the owls over the next several days. “Some snow drifts I walked through were over waist deep, which made for a very difficult hike to where the owls were located. It paid off, though, as I was able to photograph several different owls. Those days are memories I will never forget, and may never experience again.”

Cliff White: “It was very difficult to pick the single best image in all of the categories, but the birds category was perhaps the toughest. The judges spent a lot of time discussing this category, but we kept coming back to this owl picture. The light is fantastic, the composition is very well done, and it’s just a cool subject.”

Best of Plants and Fungi - Dogwood blossom by Bob Korpella of Aurora

Korpella took this picture while hiking on private land in Barry County. “The dogwoods were almost spent, but the ones still in bloom had huge blossoms. I was intrigued by the center. It looked like a party was going

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