75th Anniversary Photo Contest

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Published on: Sep. 17, 2012

the beauty that can be found on the river. The driftwood provided an interesting, textured foreground that leads your eye to the sky with its unusual clouds and reflection on the water.”

Cliff White: “The dramatic colors and textures are really what caught my eye with this image. Using a wide-angle lens to emphasize the textures and details of the driftwood in the foreground, while still capturing the wonderful colors of the sky, was an excellent technical and compositional choice.”

Best of Insects and Spiders - Tachinid fly by Mark Cillo of St. Louis

Cillo photographed this fly while walking the trails at Forest Park in St. Louis. “I found this little fly resting on a blade of grass and was able to get my camera and tripod set up fairly close,” said Cillo. “When shooting macro photography, I usually walk around gardens or fields when the light is good and there is little or no wind, and I look for little critters that might make good subjects.” Cillo is a wedding photographer by trade, and enjoys outdoor and nature photography as a hobby.

Jason Jenkins: “Have you ever looked this closely at a fly? I hadn’t until I saw this image, and I was blown away by the colors and textures. Great use of shallow depth of field to separate the subject from the background. The stem on which the fly rests provides a nice leading line for the eye to follow, and the offset subject takes advantage of the rule of thirds. I may think twice now before grabbing the flyswatter.”

Best of Outdoor Recreation Activities - Fisherman on Lake Taneycomo by Lee Ann Castile of St. Louis County

Castile took this picture while on vacation in the Branson area. “I woke early to take pictures of the sunrise on Lake Taneycomo,” said Castile. “The geese were traveling upstream in groups and men were fishing near an old shack. I spent several hours taking pictures of the surroundings. I was inspired by the golden tones on the water from the morning sun and the mist rising off the lake.” Castile said she is constantly searching for new places to take photos. “I love photographing birds at the Audobon Center at Riverlands, the riverfront area at Clarksville or any lake, river or pond.”

Jason Jenkins: “There were quite a few silhouetted scenes entered, but this was the best of

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