From the Missouri Conservationist Magazine
August 2012 Issue

I Am Conservation

I am ConservationChris Whitley with her first grade classroom at St. John the Baptist Elementary School in St. Louis. Last school year Whitley’s class completed the pilot program of Nature Unfolds, a Discover Nature Schools curriculum for kindergarten through second grade developed by MDC. “I liked this program because it had the students go through each season observing and recording similarities and differences of trees, nature and people,” says Whitley. MDC also awarded the school a grant to plant a new garden. “By getting kids outdoors and learning in their own schoolyards, the Discover Nature Schools program helps kids learn about and value the plants, animals, and natural systems close to home,” says Kevin Lohraff, curriculum and education programs supervisor for MDC.

—Photo by David Stonner

Also in this issue

Conservation Education

MDC is celebrating the 75th anniversary of putting the state’s citizen-led conservation efforts into action. In this issue, we highlight the Department’s conservation education efforts.

Steve and Sharon Oetting - Lafayette County

Blending Farming and Conservation

Good land stewardship benefits both nature and the bottom line.

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