Private Landowners: The Key to Conservation Success

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Published on: Jun. 18, 2012

their county. Local Soil and Water Districts have also helped by signing landowners up for Department incentives that result in better wildlife habitat on the land. This long-standing partnership has made a lasting impact on the landowners and the landscape of Missouri.”


“In Missouri, all of the people own conservation. It’s a partnership between all of us, and we all benefit from the rewards of it,” says White. “The success we’ve seen in Missouri speaks to the strong conservation foundation we’ve built and the continued commitment Missourians have. MDC has worked out in the fields, with landowners throughout the state, for several generations now to strengthen and improve our lands to benefit both people and wildlife.”

Restoring wildlife habitat is not only pleasing to the eye, but also benefits the economy of Missouri. The total economic impact of fish and wildlife recreation and the forest products industry in Missouri is $11.7 billion dollars annually. This local activity helps to sustain the 95,000 Missouri jobs that are supported annually through fish, forest and wildlife recreation.


Natural resource management is very complex and challenging. “The simple fact is that landscape changes—positive and negative—are related to how we all use the land,” says George Seek, retired MDC private land services division chief. “Soil, water and wildlife conservation form an inextricably linked brotherhood—one cannot flourish without the others. The health and vitality of our natural resources provide the foundation for healthy and sustainable economies and the foundation for sustainable life. In the end, we’re doing exactly what Theodore Roosevelt defined as conservation, which was using common sense, for a common cause, for common good.” S Contact your local MDC private land conservationist for information about incentives and cost-share programs, and schedule a visit to evaluate and develop a plan to enhance the wildlife habitat on your property. Find your contact at or call your regional office. Learn more about MDC’s programs that benefit rural and urban landowners at

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Private landowners are the key to improving quail habitat. MDC works with tens of thousands of Missouri landowners to help them achieve their land-use objectives. About 17,000 of these landowners receive assistance with quail habitat.

In addition to technical assistance, such as habitat-management planning, MDC provides about $500,000 in cost-share funds to private landowners that go directly to quail habitat needs

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