From the Missouri Conservationist Magazine
July 2012 Issue

I Am Conservation

I am conservation 07-2012Missouri conservation is unique—unique in the way it derives its authority and funding from citizens, and unique in the passion and commitment of Missourians to perpetuate this legacy. On July 1, 1937, the constitutional amendment creating the Missouri Conservation Commission took effect, creating an apolitical, science-based conservation agency with exclusive authority over forests, fish and wildlife. The Commission is made up of four citizen commissioners, with no more than two from the same political party. Our current Commission celebrating 75 years of citizen-led conservation is (from left) James T. Blair, IV, Don R. Johnson, Becky L. Plattner and Don C. Bedell. The governor appoints commissioners for six-year unpaid terms. The Commission serves as the Department’s policy maker, approves Wildlife Code regulations, and oversees strategic planning, budget development and major expenditures. —Photo by David Stonner

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Private Landowners: The Key to Conservation Success

MDC is celebrating the 75th anniversary of putting the state’s citizen-led conservation efforts into action. In this issue, we highlight the important partnerships between MDC and private landowners to restore and conserve Missouri’s lands and waters.

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Photographer - David Stonner
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