From the Missouri Conservationist Magazine
February 2012 Issue

I Am Conservation

I am ConservationMU graduate student Alicia Burke captures neotropical birds, such as the indigo bunting on her hand, in mist nets for a graduate school research project at Current River CA. The project is also part of Missouri Forest Ecosystem Project (MOFEP). “As a biologist, understanding how and why organisms such as birds interact with the environment, and examining management practices that could help increase population numbers for declining species is very important to me. Especially to preserve these wildlife populations for the education and enjoyment of future generations.” With a military background and eight years of active duty in the US Navy, Burke said she would like to merge her passion for wildlife and conservation with her military experience and become a biologist on a military base. “I feel that there is unlimited potential for public outreach and joint ventures with nonprofit organizations, state and federal agencies,” said Burke. —Photo by David Stonner

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Photo Contest

The Missouri Department of Conservation invites you to enter our 75th Anniversary Photo Contest.

Missouri Black Bear

Does a Bear Den in the Woods?

An intern's-eye-view of Missouri bears' home lives.

Deer hunting

Regulations 2012 Update

Missourians care deeply about our state’s forests, fish and wildlife. To ensure these resources are protected, the Conservation Department’s Regulations Committee reviews the Wildlife Code of Missouri each year.

Grandin Mill

Healthy Forests for Generations

The Conservation Department was created by a citizen-led effort to restore Missouri’s fish, forests and wildlife 75 years ago. This is the story of how Missourians have worked together to improve our forests to benefit wildlife and people, for generations to come.

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Photographer - David Stonner
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