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Published on: Jan. 18, 2012

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safe and healthy trees, while the trees work for all of us by cleaning the air, and improving the soil and water.”

This program assists agencies, public schools and nonprofit groups with the improvement of trees on public lands. In 2011, the Department awarded more than $306,000 to several dozen Missouri communities and schools throughout the state.

“The TRIM grants have allowed the City of Columbia to extend our resources and develop greater projects. MDC’s TRIM grants also show our city leaders the importance of wisely managing our community forests,” says Brett O’Brien, Columbia park natural resource supervisor.

With help from MDC, communities, college campuses and electric providers all over the state participate in wise tree care by being a part of the Arbor Day Foundation programs known as Tree City U SA, Tree Line and Tree Campus. These programs foster tree plantings as well as best practices for tree care. Missouri has 81 cities, 11 electric utilities and three colleges recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation for helping trees where 3.7 million Missouri residents live.

Learn more about MDC’s Community Forestry Programs at the link listed below.

The Showboat

When the Missouri Department of Conservation formed in 1937, burning forests in the rural Ozarks was a land management tradition dating back to early settlers. To improve forests and wildlife, the young agency created a new way to spread public information on conservation: the Forestry Division’s Showboat. V ehicles, such as this 1946 Chevrolet paneled delivery truck, were equipped with a portable generator and a movie projector. The Showboat visited rural schools throughout the Ozarks, showing movies about fire prevention and conservation, and handing out free popcorn. For many, these were the first films they had ever seen, since electricity had yet to make it to many areas. The Showboat operated from the late 1930s to the early 1950s. One is on display today at the Twin Pines Conservation Education Center in Winona.

You Can Help Missouri’s Forests

MDC partners with numerous organizations to ensure that Missourians can contribute to Missouri’s healthy forests.

As part of the Missouri Forestkeepers Network, more than 2,000 Missourians protect and enhance forests through monitoring, advocacy and education activities. Learn more at or call 1-888-473-5323.

Missouri Forestkeepers Network is administered by Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, a nonprofit organization that provides thousands of trees for public and nonprofit plantings throughout the state. V isit or call 1-888-473-5323.

MDC also partners with the Missouri Community Forestry Council to conserve, protect, expand and improve our community forests. Visit to learn about how to help the trees where you live.

The Forest and Woodland Association of Missouri serves to connect Missouri’s 360,000 private woodland landowners with resources to more productively manage their forests, as well as to act as a statewide advocacy group. Visit to learn more.

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