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Published on: Dec. 13, 2011

habitat along the Current River, one of North America’s most biologically diverse streams.

The Foundation is also a partner of the Avian Conservation Alliance, which includes seven Missouri Audubon chapters and MDC. Partnerships, like migratory birds, can span continents. By working together, these partnerships ensure that “our birds” return each spring. Current projects focus on habitat protection, restoration and bird monitoring in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula near Cancun, and in Central America.

The Foundation is funded by sales of Conservation Heritage license plates, private and public grants, and individual donations. In addition, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, when enforcing the Clean Water Act, can assess fines to developers who damage Missouri streams. Those fees can be deposited into the Foundation’s Stream Stewardship Trust Fund for stream protection and restoration projects.

Founded in 1997, the Foundation has provided more than $12 million for conservation and outdoor recreation. In 2011, it funded 24 projects totaling more than $108,000. Missourians who want to support conservation but don’t know where to start can choose from a number of categories set up by the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation. To invest in your conservation legacy, direct donations to activities or programs you find meaningful.

“The Foundation provides a way for people to protect the places they love or to promote an activity, such as fishing, that has provided a lifetime of fulfillment,” says Anita B. Gorman, former Conservation Commissioner.

To learn more about the Foundation, visit the links listed below or call 1-800-227-1488.

Missourians Care About Conservation

Like most investments, the steps on the road to conserving Missouri’s forest, fish and wildlife resources are small and numerous, slowly building over many years or decades. Yet, Missourians have not lost sight of the long-term returns that conservation efforts will yield for generations to come.

All Missourians Contribute to Conservation Success

The teamwork of tens of thousands of Missourians to improve Missouri’s natural resources is remarkable. Volunteers donated more than 273,000 hours last year in MDC sponsored conservation efforts. Dedicated Missourians donated their time through conservation nature centers, shooting ranges, hunter and bowhunter education, protection, Master Naturalists and Stream Teams. MDC also works with more than 24,000 landowners in the state through a variety of programs to improve their property to benefit wildlife. Every Missouri hunter and angler is also an important partner in conservation. For more than 75 years, hunting and fishing license revenues have been vital to restore habitat, purchase public lands, and bring back

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