Annual Report Fiscal Year 2010–2011

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Published on: Dec. 13, 2011

management practices for fish, forest and wildlife resources.


MDC had approximately 60 partnership agreements in FY11 with federal, state and nongovernmental organizations. These relationships helped MDC enhance technical and financial assistance and equipment support to landowners interested in improving fish, forest and wildlife resources. Through the partnerships, we assisted United States Department of Agriculture with developing and applying $150 million in Farm Bill conservation programs. We also leveraged staffing, equipment and enhancement funds with partner organizations.

Technical assistance

MDC provided timely and responsive service through approximately 73,519 rural and urban landowner contacts, including more than 5,500 on-site visits. Technical assistance was offered to landowners who wanted help with habitat management plans. Staffers also answered 4,932 requests for wildlife nuisance or damage assistance, including 1,000 on-site visits. A survey completed in 2010 indicated that more than 90 percent of our cooperators were very satisfied with the assistance they received.

Places to Go

Land management

MDC has maintained a high level of active management on MDC lands—especially for quail and grassland birds. During FY11, we conducted habitat management activities on nearly 185,000 acres of public land including 43,000 acres of wetland, 21,000 acres of woodland/forest/savanna, 76,000 acres of cropland (64,000 acres through permittee farmers and 12,000 acres in food plots), 24,000 acres of grassland/prairie, 20,000 acres of old fields and 1,000 acres of glade.


MDC completed the following major construction projects: Eminence City Park access, Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area (CA) office and draw room, regional office storage at Charles W. Green CA, Kansas City Regional Office, Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery sewage lift station, Lost Valley Fish Hatchery rearing pond under drain system, Lost Valley Fish Hatchery roof, Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center HVAC condensing unit, evaporator coil and controls, Jay Henges Shooting Range renovation, Roaring Rivers Fish Hatchery building improvements and Ten Mile Pond CA levee relocation around Blew Hole.

Land acquisition

Approximately 333 acres of land in two counties were purchased, and approximately 1,156 acres in three counties were donated. Acquisitions included an addition to LaBarque Creek Conservation Area that will provide additional protection of the LaBarque Creek watershed, land providing habitat for prairie chickens and the donation of a new conservation area consisting of restorable grasslands, forest and wetlands.

Healthy Forests

State forest nursery

The state forest nursery annually gevens and distributes about 3.5 million seedlings generating $953,000 in income. The seedlings are planted on both

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