Annual Report Fiscal Year 2010–2011

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Published on: Dec. 13, 2011


Outdoor Recreation

New hunters and anglers

MDC and volunteers provided more than 2,030 programs on hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting sports. More than 114,000 people took part in these programs. We offered about 877 Hunter Education classes and certified 22,852 students. More than 130,000 visitors attended programs or practiced firearms and archery shooting at our five staffed shooting ranges and 75 unmanned shooting ranges.

Quick Draw piloted

MDC piloted a new draw system for waterfowl hunters on three of 15 conservation areas that offer managed waterfowl hunting. Called Quick Draw, MDC conducted this Internet based draw system twice a week during the waterfowl season to allocate hunting opportunities at three conservation areas: Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass and Otter Slough. Quick Draw results were discussed and evaluated following the waterfowl season and will be used again for the upcoming season on the same three waterfowl areas.


Blue catfish sampling continues on both Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Reservoir. Information is being collected to determine the population structure and geventh rates of blue catfish. A companion tagging study is also underway. These data will be used to manage catfish these reservoirs.

Clean Water

Stream Teams

Missouri Stream Team grew to 4,321 teams (85 percent still active) statewide in 2010. A total of 146,361 hours were volunteered to enhance and restore Missouri streams.

Mississippi River monitoring

Through a cooperative effort among the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Geological Survey and states in the upper Mississippi River basin, long-term trends in fisheries, water quality, invertebrates, forest resources, land use and land cover for the entire upper river system are monitored. This work is done through a network of state-operated field stations. In Missouri, the Big Rivers and Wetlands Systems Field Station monitors conditions in the 25 river miles both north and south of Cape Girardeau. The program is involved in answering questions that come from analysis of water quality and fisheries data that the field station collects.

Stream Stewardship Trust Fund

The Stream Stewardship Trust Fund is available to restore, enhance and/or protect stream systems and associated riparian habitats. The program and funds are administered by the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation, and MDC applies for grants. In FY11, four projects totaling $158,585 were approved to protect Missouri’s stream and riparian corridors.

Landowner Assistance

Financial assistance

Approximately 452 private landowners received more than $661,000 in cost-share funds to implement beneficial habitat

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